As we all know Thailand produces many queer dramas, most commonly know as “boys love” In 2019 we got so many new series that turn the troupes right on theirs heads,showcased matured themes and even featured a trans character in a lead role. Here the list of our top 10 from this year

10. The Best Twins

This series tell the story of twin brothers, Per and Pond. The family is torn by the boys older sister Pad, who hates the fact that her brother Pond is gay. Pond is also in a odd will they wont they relationship with his friend Tar, which gets even more complicated when his ex returns to town.

9. I Am Your King 2

This series is more of a spiritual successor, rather than a direct sequel to “I Am Your King.”  The drama tell the story of Pun, a student who applies for work in a cafe owned by Sib. This series is still currently airing the fact that Pun is romantically involved with his boss (who has a girlfriend) but also his brother.

8. Reminders

With only 3 episodes to tell its story, ‘Reminders” continues the story of Noh & Phun from the classic bl series, “Love Sick.” We also get two other couples where jealousy & signs of insecurity in love become issues for these college age students.

7. 2Moons2

A soft reboot of  “2 Moons the series” with a brand new cast! The 2 moons 2 expands on the story. The series first starts with Wayo is hopelessly in love with his senior from high school, the popular, Phana.  Now that he enters college, Wayo is excited to study on the same school as Phana. As the series goes on we get two more romantic pairings with best friends of the main characters.

6. He’s Coming to Me

“He’s Coming To Me” is one of the more unique series to debut this year. It tells the story of Mes, a lonely ghost who doesn’t remember anything from his past, and Than, a young man who can see ghosts. One day they meet each, Than decides to take Mes in and help him find out about his past.

5. Tharn Type The Series

Set 3 years before its parent series ” Love by Chance” this prequel tell the story of  Type, a young man with homophobic tendencies because of childhood trauma, and Tharn his musically inclined roommate who happens to be gay.

4. Dark Blue Kiss

“Dark Blue Kiss” continues the story of collage aged lovers Pete & Kao from the series “Kiss Me Again the series.” The relationship gets put to the test due the fact that Kao wants to keep his mother from find out that hes gay,on top of Petes aggressive jealously over Kao antagonistic student he tutors.

3. Theory Of Love

“Theory of Love” tells the story of Third, a student who is in love with his best friend, Kai, a ladies man. Third struggles feelings of jealousy of the many female companions Kai entertains. As the series goes on we see what was depicted as a unrequited love become something more.

2. Until We Meet Again

Until We Meet Again is a tragic yet sweet story about two boys, In and Korn who take their own lives due to the fact that their fathers don’t want them to be together. However, before their death the boys promise to meet again in another life. The “Red Thread of Fate” reincarnates them in the modern day as Pharm & Dean.

1. 3 Will Be Free

The only series on this list to not only showcase various sexual identities & relationship dynamics but also features a trans women in serious role. The series follows Neo, a stripper who is running away from a mob boss who found out he has been sleeping with his wife. Shin, a the son of a mob leader that after Neo, and Mew, the manager of the stripper bar who is running away from her traumatic past. As fate would have, they end up killing one of the gang members who was sent to kill Neo, which makes them all targets of the gang. Now all three of them team up together, while also managing a sexual and sentimental polyamorous relationship with each other.